Premium Fire Services has satisfied customers in both commercial and residential sectors, PFS ensures its highest quality assurance is maintained whilst holding one of the highest Final Inspection pass rates in the industry.

Why You Should Choose Premium Fire Service?

Premium Fire Service delivers exceptional quality, comprehensive service along with the commitment that matches your every need, our reputation for competitiveness is unmatched. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or specialist premises, PFS have you covered, we ensure the best design & installation with the latest in testing and certification with an emphasis on on-going preventative maintenance.

Our Team & Credentials

We maintain exceptional quality and deliver fewer headaches for our customers. To ensure the safety and security of your property. Our reputation for quality, attention to detail, and comprehensive services are equal to our commitment to provide excellent equipment, technology, and systems specific to your requirements.

Whether you have a residential, commercial, or special-use property – we’ve got you covered. From the design and installation, regular testing and certification, and ongoing and preventative maintenance, Premium Fire Services protects what you value most.

Full Compliance With Industry Standards, Highly Professional

All of our internal fire experts have over 10 years of individual professional experience in designing and selecting fire safety systems and participated in major commercial projects all over Sydney.

Our Service

Our Design Team:

• First, the project will go to consultants of other companies for the design of drawings, but it is more theoretical --- After the drawings are designed, they will be handed over to the builder, and the builder will hand it over to our company for secondary design. At this time, the design is more practical.

• We will adjust according to the actual situation, and then we will give the drawings to the builder, and our major construction team will install the equipment according to the drawings.

• The tasks of the design team also include designing block plan, evacuation plan, compliance fire service design (design compliance certificate) for customers on demand.

Our Major Construction Team:

• The designed drawings should be inspected on site by the project manager to ensure that the listed installation pipes meet the actual conditions.

• Confirm the time with the builder, and the workers will construct on site.

• The design team will order additional materials according to the actual situation.

• Project manager supervises on-site work according to drawings (every 2-3 days)-routine check.

• The duration of the project varies from a few months to a year.

• Relevant certificates will be issued to customers after completion- Installation compliance certificate.

• Major construction's clients are mainly newly built buildings.

Our Minor Construction Team:

• After we get the CDC drawing, we will see if it is compliant with the site.

• If the drawing is not compliant, we will change it to our existing standard, and we will consider the best solution for the customer and give the customer a site inspection report with an optimized drawing. Following AFSS standards, some stores' designs do not need to be carried out for a complete upgrade, only minor changes need to be made without affecting the overall building.

• We will provide customers with a design statement-164b form so that customers do not need to spend a lot of money to save costs on system updates.

• A deposit will be collected after the customer's quotation is approved.

• Site construction.

• An installation certificate will be issued after installation.

• The work of Minor construction includes dry fire and wet fire. Sometimes there is no system in the old building, or the old system needs to be updated to open the door for business. At this time, we need to issue an occupation certificate to the customer after updating their system.

• Minor construction's customers are mainly shops and offices.


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