Sprinkler Systems


Our sprinkler systems and services include standard systems, deluge systems, ESFR systems, and high-density rack systems, plus we provide bespoke solutions for complex sites that utilize a combination of systems to ensure the best coverage and maximum safety.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems


Our premium fire detection and alarm systems are provided with the best system suppliers and manufacturers in the industry including AMPAC, Brooks, Notifier, Simplex, Tyco and VESDA Alarms. Our products and services integration to create an unbeatable offer and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Fire Hydrant Systems


Our design and manufacturing process for fire hydrant systems comply with the highest stagnation of Australian national regulations. We have extensive relations with New South Wales Fire Authority Building Safety Unit to execute under safest practices. All existing sprinkler, hydrant, and fire alarm detection systems have been tested and maintained in accordance with NSW state legislation AS1851 and its variants.

Special Services


We offer kitchen suppression systems, GAS supplier systems, and VESDA systems. For more information on these extra services, please contact us today.



BOWS SYSTEMS- Building Occupant Warning Systems

We offer manual and automatic alarm activation.

An alert signal, which will include an audible signal or a combination of audible and visible signals (lights/strobes) in areas of high noise. After a pre-determined period of time, the systems will automatically switch to an ‘Evacuation’ signal.

An evacuation signal, which will include an audible signal, or a combination of audible and visible signals, along with automated voice messages instructing the necessary evacuation procedure.

Ability to allow authorized Fire Wardens or emergency responders to take control and broadcast a verbal emergency public address to all or selected areas of the building via the PA loudspeakers.

E.W.I.S – Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems


Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems

Includes all of the EWIS features plus a dedicated emergency telephone communication between the master emergency control panel (MECP) and the fire warden intercommunication points (WIP’s) in each zone.

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